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Users and Roles

The main purpose of using GeoGATE is affording an integrated enterprise system. Alike any enterprise system, GeoGATE affords the ability to create custom users/roles; in order to enable system admin to control access to system’s features by allocating different permissions to these users/roles.

In GeoGATE, any user accesses the application as one of the following:

  • Anonymous user: user who access GeoGATE without signing-in (no user name and password: public user)
  • Regular user: user who access GeoGATE by signing in and entering defined username and password
  • Role: Group of users who have the same permissions

In this section, two roles you need to create two roles and each role will contain two users.

The first role is for data viewers, with name “viewers”, and will contain two users: viewer1 and viewer2

The second role is for data editors, with name “editors”, and will contain two users: editor1 and editor2

Firstly, go to Users and Roles page and add two roles (viewers and editors)


Now, add the users

  • viewer1, viewer2 and assign them “viewers role”
  • editor1, editor2 and assign them “editors role”

After creating the users and roles, these users don’t have permissions to access any tool or layers in the application. In the permissions section, you should grant access permissions to these users/roles.

You can see that when any user logs in the application, a blank map will appear.


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