Welcome to GeoGATE

Welcome to GeoGATE!

Build a complete Web GIS Portal in your environment with NO Coding!

With GeoGATE you can Build a Real Enterprise Web GIS System in shortest period

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Configure: Never write code!

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Integrated Manager

Build enterprise web mapping application and design your own tools via web control panel without writing a single line of code.

Security Module

Secure your spatial and non-spatial data, plan your permissions rules, and allocate viewing and editing privileges easily.

Database Module

In addition to spatial data, GeoGATE is ready to deal with non-spatial data living in enterprise databases (SQL Server, Oracle, and PostgreSQL).

Reporting Engine

Create any kind or printing and reporting templates, connect them to any data sources, and integrate them with GeoGATE.

SLD Generator

With GeoGATE’s powerful SLD generator, you can style you layers using interactive interface without diving into writing SLD codes.

Super Easy Installer

Install GeoGATE at your environment, behind your firewall, on your servers in minutes using a straight forward installer.

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