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Layers Permissions (Spatial Data Permissions)

GeoGATE affords the ability for system admin to grant access permissions on the level of layers in the application. The following example shows how to set layers permissions by assigning different viewing permissions for different users/roles.

In the Map layers page, click the security icon that appears on every layer; firstly we will start with Buildings layer.

Check “viewers” role and click “Save” button

On the Parcels layer, only check “viewer1” user and click “Save” button

On Urban Master Plan layer, only check “viewer2” user and click “Save” button

Now logout from admin user, and log in with “viewer1” account

Viewer1 will have access to buildings layers since he belongs to viewers role who has permission to view buildings layer.Also, he will access parcels layer since he has permission to view it. But will not access urban master plan layer since he does not have permission to it and do not belong to a role that can access it.

Logout, and login with viewer2 account


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