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Layer Display settings

This section will show you how to customize layer display settings, that include feature highlight and layer transparency settings. The example below shows how to configure features highlighting for each layer (the example below is for parcels layer). Furthermore, it will define default transparency for Urban Master Plan layer.

In Parcels layer, click on layer settings button, open Display Options tab, and check “Highlight identified features with the following style” checkbox. By checking this checkbox, GeoGATE will highlight identified feature using fill and outline colors you select from color selectors.

On map side, when identifying a parcel feature, GeoGATE will highlight it according to the style set above.

In several cases, some layers should appear with transparent style in the map. With GeoGATE the map user can alter layer transparency by using the transparency slider in the layers list tool, the following screenshots illustrate this.

You can define default layer transparency from the application manager from layer settings; the screenshots below outline this for Urban Master Plan layer.

Now, when opening the map, the default transparency for Urban Master Plan layer layer is 50% by default.


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