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Getting Started

GeoGATE aims at facilitating the process of building enterprise GIS systems by delivering cutting edge technologies at optimum cost, time, and quality.

The proposed enterprise GIS system will contain the following four components that must work together to run as a system:

  1. Spatial Database: For storing spatial and non-spatial data, e.g. PostgreSQL, Oracle, and SQL Server
  2. Desktop GIS application: Application rich with tools dedicated for viewing, editing, and analyzing spatial data, e.g. QGIS Desktop ArcGIS Desktop, and GeoMedia
  3. Publishing Engine: Software application for publishing spatial data as web services, e.g. Geoserver, ArcGIS Server, and QGIS Server
  4. Web GIS Application: Web Application accessed by different users via internet/intranet for dealing with spatial data using very end-user tools. Infinite number of web GIS applications has been developed by web programmers, and GeoGATE is a web GIS Application. However what make GeoGATE totally different than any other web GIS application is its integrated manager that enables you to build, configure, and customize your own web mapping application without writing any single line of code by using integrated tools for adding layers and working with them, defining permissions and granting privileges for your users and roles, customizing application look and feel, integration with external databases, designing custom printing and reporting templates, and much more ready-to-use tools and features.
  5. Reporting and Printing Engine: JasperSoft iReport Designer will be used for designing very custom printing and reporting templates, and Mapfish Print 3 will be used as reporting and printing Engine (embedded with GeoGATE, you do not need to do any configuration with Mapfish Print).
Web GIS System Architecture
Web GIS System Architecture

In this manual, a web GIS application will be built on top of free opensource software applications:

  • PostgreSQL as Spatial Database
  • QGIS Desktop as Desktop GIS Application
  • Geoserver as Publishing Engine
  • GeoGATE as Web GIS Application
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