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Installing iReport Designer

iReport designer is a powerful tool for designing and building professional and custom reports and printing templates; that you can use for generating dynamic reports and print templates by GeoGATE.

In this section you will learn how to install and run iReport 5.6.0 on your machine.

As in previous sections, go to software folder that you can download from downloads page;and go to “5-iReport Designer” folder and follow the screenshots below.

Now, iReport will run for the first time; if iReport keeps loading cached objects without starting as shown below, you need to follow the coming steps.

In case this problem appears, you need to fix it by copying jre1.7.0_80 folder (in iReport folder) to iReport installation directory as in the screenshot below.

Next, you need to copy and replace the configuration file (in iReport folder) to etc folder in iReport installation directory as shown below.

Finally, open iReport, and it should work properly as shown below.

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