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Print Templates

GeoGATE is equipped with a robust printing module, which enables you to create custom printing templates. As mentioned before, GeoGATE uses print templates built with Jaspersoft iReport Designer which is a free and opensource desktop application for designing professional reports (please refer to installing iReport section).

In this section, an example for using a ready print template designed with iReport Designer will be explored in details. For more information about installing iReport Designer, please explore installing iReport Designer section.

The first step is opening a ready-made printing template designed by GeoGATE team, the print template is A4_Landscape.jrxml, that is available inside the PrintTemplates folder inside GeoGATE installation directory as shown below.

The template will open using iReport Designer as shown below.

iReport Designer is rich with multiple tools for template design; you can use these tools for adding several items to templates, resize items, change their positions, and change items styling.

These tools can be added to the template simply by drag-drop process from iReport Palette as shown below. For more information about adding items to iReport templates, please visit iReport website.

The following screenshot illustrates the components of this print template.

Certainly, you can change the design of the print template totally, and indeed, you can start with a blank template and create your own template.

After finishing the design of the report Template, save it by clicking on Save from File menu as shown below.

In GeoGATE, go to Print Templates Page as shown below.

First of all, check if GeoGATE Printing Server is running or stopped, this is indicated in the toggle button top-left corner of the page as shown below.

In case Printing Server is stopped, you need to start it by toggling the button, as shown below.

Wait until the printing server is turned on.

As shown below, the printing server is running now.

On server side, you can see that GeoGATE Printing Server has is started in services as shown below.

Now, click on Add Template button as shown below.

Enter a name for the print template in the template name; in this example the name will be “A4 (Landscape)”.

Click on Choose file button to upload the print template you designed with iReport Designer to GeoGATE as shown below.

Click on Get File button to get the template information as shown below.

The map and legend dimensions will appear after getting the template; after getting the file, click Save to save the template to GeoGATE as shown below.

The template will be saved as shown below.

You can note that the template is not recognized by Printing Server, so you need to stop and start Printing Server so that it can recognize it.

Turn of the printing server by clicking the toggle button.

Now, turn on the printing server, using the toggle button.

Now, you can see that the print template is now recognized by printing server as shown below.

Now, go to map, and open Print tool as shown below.

Select the print template you added (A4 Landscape), and the output format (PDF), also you can change the scale.

When selecting the print template, a print preview will appear on map, you can move the map preview rectangle to the area of interest that will be printed, and then click print.

Wait while printing process ends.

Open the printed file, and see how the printed file will be printed according to the template you designed as shown below.


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