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Overview Map Configuration

When dealing with web maps that include large datasets among wide areas; using an overview map that display the extent of the area of focus on the main map becomes essentials to keep the user connected to the map.

In this section, you will learn how to add and configure a dynamic overview map to the map.

Start by going to Overview page tab as shown below.

Select one of the application’s layer; the best practice is to use the base layer in the overview map (Please refer to base layer section for more information). In this example, the example will use the orthophoto base layer in overview map.

Then, choose the extent indicator color; the extent indicator is the border on overview map that defines the extent of the area that the user is viewing in the main map. In this example, blue will be used.

The last option is defining whether the overview-map will zoom when zooming the main map, or keeping the overview map at a fixed scale, and just changing the extent indicator size. you can govern this by checking/unchecking “Enable Fixed Zoom for Overview Map” checkbox.

When checking this option, the overview-map scale will be fixed at the fixed scale and only the extent indicator size will change according to zoom level at main map, and the result will be as below.

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