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Layers Attachments

GeoGATE supports attaching files to its data including at the level of layer features and tables data rows; this section will illustrate an example for configuring layers attachments. For table attachments please refer to table attachments section.

In this example, you will configure Buildings layer to handle attachments. First step is navigating to Attachments tab in Buildings layer settings as shown below.

Now, check the checkbox in order to enable feature attachments for this layer.

Also, you can assign permissions to users and roles for viewing or editing features attachments (adding new attachments, editing attachments, and deleting attachments). You can configure these permissions by clicking on “Configure Layer Attachments Permissions” button as shown below.

Save the configurations.

Now, navigate to map view, and note that when identifying any building feature, a new icon for attachments will appear in the identify panel as shown below.

When clicking the attachments icon, another button for adding attachments for this building will appear; so click on it in order to add attachments.

Click on choose file button to select one or more files from your computer and upload them as attachments for the identified building.

Type a description for the attachment and click upload, and after the upload completes, close the “Add Attachment” tab.

You can now note that the attachment appears in the identify panel.

By hovering over the attachment, you can view the attachment description.

Moreover, you can view it by clicking on it.

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