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Edit Layer Data (Edit Spatial Data)

GeoGATE provides the ability to edit spatial data via web using interactive editing tools for features’ geometry and attributes. The following example shows how feature editing can be enabled and configured for parcels layer through GeoGATE.

First of all, editing should be enabled at the publishing engine level, such that the map service allows editing operations. This can be setin data configuration page in Geoserver.

By default, any service published via Geoserver has only read permissions, and in order to allow writing (editing), a rule should be configured as shown in the screenshots below.

As shown in the next screenshot writing (editing) is available for admin and admin group only so this rule needs to be modified such that it allows editing for non-admin users.

The first example shows the steps for editing features geometry. Navigate to map and run editing tool to edit the geometry of a certain parcel.

After selecting the parcels layer, note that parcels features are now presented as vector as shown below.

In the editing toolbar, click on Edit Feature button, to reshape the button.

Click in a parcel and use the snapping point to change its borders as shown below.

Now, click out of this parcel feature to save the edits.

You can note that an alert that says “No fields to edit for this layer” has appeared in the editing dialog box; this message appeared because no fields were configured for editing; the following screenshots illustrate configuring editing fields.

Select the desired fields that will be available for editing in the edit form, and click OK.

Rename the fields by clicking the edit icon and insert the labels that will appear in the editing form and type “Enter” to save the label, and save the configuration.

Now, return to map and run the editing tool and choose parcels layer.

Click on a parcel feature to start editing.

Edit attributes by typing new values: Parcel Number: 555, Block Number: 666, Community Name: Jerusalem, District: Jerusalem and click save.

Now close the editing tool and identify the parcel to see the results.

The edits are performed at the database level from web via GeoGATE, and to ensure this, check the feature’s attributes and geometry at both Geoserver and in the PostGIS database (preview it via QGIS); as shown below.

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