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Configuring Layers Fields

GeoGATE affords the ability to explore layers fields attributes. This feature needs customizing the attributes display options; The following example shows how to show the attribute table of the parcels layer, in addition to customizing the attributes display options.

If you go to map and try to open the attribute table of the Parcels layer from the layer list; a message that says: “Fields not set for this layer”, as shown below.

In order to enable the attribute table, go to the “Fields” tab in the layer settings as shown below.

In order to enable the attribute table in the map, you need to select at least one field.

Inside this tab, fields’ display names (aliases) and format (general, number, date, hyperlink, …etc.) can be set; and the attribute table will show data according to this configuration.

In this example, enable the following three fields:

  • ParcelNumber

Also, set the fields’ Aliases (Display Name) as below:

  • ParcelNumber: Parcel Number
  • SHAPE_LENGTH: Peremeter

Furthermore, set the data formats for these fields as following:

  • OBJECTID: General
  • ParcelNumber: Hyperlink
  • SHAPE_LENGTH: Number with 1 decimal value

This is shown in the screenshot below.

Save the setting, and navigate to map view, and open the attribute table.

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