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Configuring Base Layer

Most of web maps contain map layers lied on top of a base layer. In GeoGATE,  you can use any layer as a base-layer by marking it as base-layer. For more information about base layers, please see this article.

The following example shows the steps to add an orthophoto as a base-layer. (The orthophoto that will be used in the example is an ArcGIS Server cached orthophoto; you can also use any other layer from any source ).

The first step will be adding the orthophoto map service from the Map Services tool and putting it under all the available layers.

Now, type the link to ArcGIS Server and press “Search”; in this example, the link is:

Now choose the orthophoto layer, in this example: Orthophoto_WestBank_Aerial_2016_10cm_ITM_jpg_09. This service contains three sub layers, by clicking the main service, you will add three layers, but you only need the image, so select only one sub layer (Image), and then click Add Map Service.

Rename the layer to Orthophoto, and click on “Base Layer” button.

Choose Orthophoto layer from the Base Layer list, and check the two checkboxes (Enable Tile for Base Layer and Enable Base Layer Transparency), then click “Save”.

Now, navigate to map, and you can see the orthophoto basemap; you can feel the accelerated performance resulted from checking the “Enable Tile for Base Layer” checkbox.

Zoom In to the map in order to see the orthophoto details at lower scale.

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