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Geoserver Layer Styling

In order to create story-telling mapping applications, you need to style (symbolize) the application layers in a way that serves the aim of the map. Geoserver uses SLD styling standards for styling its layers; which that writing CSS code to generate a custom style. The following steps shows how you can style buildings layer using Geoserver (pink border and grey fill). For more information please refer to Geoserver SLD code book in this link.

Write the layer SLD styling code in Style Editor (Don’t care about code, you will generate it using GeoGATE’s SLD Generator in the next section), and save it by clicking Submit button.

Now, you need to assign the style to Buildings layer

Finally, preview the layer to see how this layer is now rendering based on custom SLD style written above (pink border and grey fill). This style is also reflected on GeoGATE immediately.

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