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Email Configuration

GeoGATE affords a mailing tool in the map toolbar that can be used by users to send comments and notes to system admin through GeoGATE interface.

In order to access GeoGATE mail configuration page, Configure Email Us Tool in Tools page.

The mailing configuration can be customized by defining essential mailing parameters to work with the mail server including:

  • Email to Receive Mails: Email Address that will receive messages from users who use Mail tool in GeoGATE (e.g.
  • SMTP Server: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Address (e.g. Gmail emails use:
  • SMTP Port: Port for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (e.g. Gmail emails use: 587)
  • SMTP Email: Email address that will be used to handle (send emails) from GeoGATE
  • SMTP Email Password: Password for the Email that will handle GeoGATE emails
  • Enable Attachments Checkbox: Checkbox that decide whether end-user can upload attachments and include it in his message.

These settings are shown in the screenshot below.

On map side, mailing settings will be used for sending emails using Email tool as shown below.

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