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Table Data Search

You can add custom search tools for searching data inside tables and filtering its data; In this section you will learn how to add a table search box for searching Parcels_Owners by Owner.

Start by clicking on the search button on the table as shown below.

In the search dialog, click on “Add Filter Expression”, in order to define a filter that searches the table as shown below.

Select the field that will be used for the query; in this case “OwnerName” field will be used.

Next enter the filter label, which is the display name that appears on the field for end user; In this example the label will be “Name”.

The last step is choosing the Filter type, which can be:

  • User Input: Regular text box
  • Autocomplete Textbox: Autocomplete textbox based on field’s values
  • Drop-down list: Drop-down list populated with all field’s values

In this example, Drop-down list will be used.

You can add more search fields, by clicking on “Add Filter Expression”, and following the same steps. In this example, only one field will be used for search.

In case of multiple fields search, you can define whether the query will work based on “AND” operator between fields by selecting “All” or using “OR” operator between fields, by using “One” operator as shown below. In this example; only one field is used, so using All or One will not have any effect on the result.

Click on Save button to save the search.

Now open the table, and you can note that a search area has been added to table as shown below.

Now choose any name from drop-down list and click on search in order to search for this name. In this example search will perform on “Adam” as shown below.

Finally, you can see that search will find 17 records, and list them in the table as shown below.

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