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Custom Layer Query

In this example, you will design a layer query tool that will quary parcels layer and find the sum of areas of all land parcels in certain block; the end user will have a textbox for entering a block number, and the query tool will find all the parcels in this block, some area attributes, and finally display the result.

In order to start, go to Custom Queries page and add a new query.

From query type list, select Layer Query as shown below.

Now, in the Query configuration dialog, set the source layer by clicking Set button; that the query will be performed on.

Choose Parcels layer and click Ok as shown below.

Type a name for the query; in this example, the name will be “Sum of Parcels in Block” as shown below.

Now, add a filter expression, that will be used to query layer, by clicking on Add Filter.

Select the first field; in this example BlockNumber field will be used.

Next choose the input type, which can be:

  • Drop-down List: List of defined values
  • User Input: Normal Textbox
  • AutoComplete Textbox: Autocomplete textbox
  • Date Picker: Date Selector, for date fields

In this example, User input (normal textbox) will be used.

Now, type a label that will appear on the input field, the label will be “Block Number” in this example.

You can also add a hint that appears inside the input field; in this example, a text hint will be “Please enter a valid Block Number”, and click Ok.

Now, you can see that the expression has been successfully added as shown below.

Go to Summary Fields tab, in order to add a summary field by clicking on Add Summary Field, as show below.

Select the summary field (SHAPE_Area field in this example), that will be used for operating the summary process (SUM in this example), considering that the query will sum all the areas of all parcels in certain block.

Finally type a user-friendly description that will appear to user by the end of query process in description field, and click Ok as shown below.

Save the query.

Now, go to map, and click on the query you created by clicking on Custom Queries tool as shown below.

Now type a block number (e.g. 5), and click Search.

The tool will find 59 results with total area of 593693 square meters as shown below.





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