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Application Splash

When dealing with web applications that contain real data, a certain term of use conditions must be agreed by end user to use the application. GeoGATE affords the ability to insert such terms of use conditions in form of splash that will appear each time the map is started.

In this section, you will learn how to insert a simple terms of use condition with an image; that will appear each time the map is initialized.

First, go to Application Splash page, and check “Enable Splash Screen” checkbox as shown below.

In the text area, type the terms of use statement; in this example, a simple sentence will be used: “I agree that the data in this application is for official use only.” as shown below.

You can use text editor to format the text, for example make the text bold, red, and 18 pt. size, as shown below.

Now, insert an image under the text; you can do this by clicking on image icon as shown below.

Go to upload tab, click on Choose File in order to upload a file.

Now, file explorer will open; choose a file and click Send it to Server button as shown below.

Change the image width from width field; in this example the width will be set to 300 as shown below.

Click OK to insert the image to text area.

Now, you can see that text area will include both the text and the image under it as shown below.

In case you select “Require confirmation to continue”, the end user will not be able to initiate the map until he confirms a confirmation text by checking a confirmation checkbox.

In order to add confirmation, click on “Require confirmation to continue”, and you can see that a confirmation text area appears for entering standard confirmation text as shown below.

Type a confirmation text (In this example, the text will be: “I confirm the above”), and click Save.

Now when navigating to map; you can see that the map is greyed out, and the splash screen appears, and you will not be able to proceed and work with map until you check the confirmation checkbox as shown below.

Check the confirmation checkbox, and click OK to proceed to map.

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