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GeoGATE Analytics tools include three tools: Logs times, number of visits, and Google Analytics Integration, that are illustrated below.

  • Logs

GeoGATE tracks each sign in to the system, and logs it with a timestamp, for viewing these logs, go to Analytics, and click on Log Time button in order to list the system log.

This is shown in the screenshot below.

  • Number of Visits

Number of users’ visits is another tracking metric available in GeoGATE, you can summarize the number of visits for system users using Number of Visits in Analytics page as shown below.

  • Google Analytics Integration

GeoGATE can be linked to Google Analytics; simply by going to Analytics Page and clicking on Tracking Code button, you can enter Google Analytics tracking code, and connect your application to your Google Analytics Account, as shown below.

For more information about Google Analytics, please visit Google Analytics Website.


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