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Adding Services from ArcGIS Server

GeoGATE is ready to consume map services from ArcGIS Server, this section illustrates the steps to consume map services from ArcGIS Server in GeoGATE.

In this example Esri ArcGIS Server Official Sample server will be used as source of map services, which is also used for ArcGIS Online, the link of this server is:

Start by browsing ArcGIS Server folder by navigating to the above link as the screenshot below shows.

At GeoGATE, in the layers page, click on Map Services button, and select “ArcGIS Server” from drop-down list as shown below.

Now, paste ArcGIS Server link in the link field, and click “Search”.

Choose a layer from the listed layers by clicking on it, this layer will appear on the right map view, the screenshot below shows the selection of “Earthquakes_Since1970” layer.

Now, click “Add Map Service”

The layer will be added to the Application layers as shown below, and its options can be configured using all settings affordable for layers as mentioned in the previous sections (layer naming, identifications, display,..etc).

On the map view, the added layer will appear as shown below.

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