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What is GeoGATE?

GeoGATE is a ready-to-use Web GIS Application Builder dedicated to build powerful Web GIS Applications.

GeoGATE designed to deliver web mapping experience, therefore, it ready to work on top of well-known GIS software packages including:

  • Opensource products: QGIS Desktop + GeoServer
  • Commercial products: ArcGIS Desktop + ArcGIS Servee

Thousands of development hoursĀ  invested in building GeoGATEĀ  in order to respond to most of the needs required by GIS users and admins.

Web GIS applications are the link between the spatial information system and the end user. Therefore, GeoGATE built to offer efficient and easy way to build applications at the optimum cost, time, and quality.

What make GeoGATE totally different from any other web GIS application is its integrated manager that enables you to build, configure, and customize your own web mapping application without coding using integrated tools for:

  • Adding layers from different sources (ArcGIS Server and Geoserver) and working with them
  • Defining permissions and granting privileges for your users and roles
  • Customizing application look and feel
  • Integration with external databases (PostGIS Database, SQL Server, and Oracle Database)
  • Designing custom printing and reporting templates
  • Preparing very end-user custom searches and queries from layers and tables
  • Charting tools
  • Advanced security module
  • Integrated Analytics tools
  • Even more ready-to-use tools and features

The screenshot below shows application manager for designing, building, and configuring web GIS applications; certainly, without writing a single line of code!

GeoGATE; Web GIS Application
GeoGATE Application Manager

To conclude, GeoGATE is your companion to build powerful, highly customizable, and very end-user Web GIS applications. With GeoGATE, you can build your integrated web GIS system and integrate it to other systems in the shortest time.

Lets Start!

Due to GeoGATE’s very-end-user documentation, you can install it and operate it with minimum efforts. So, first of all, go to GeoGATE documentation page to read more about GeoGATE and install it in your environment.

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