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Publishing Spatial Data via web using Geoserver

In this section, you will learn publishing spatial data as web map services using Geoserver; and you will use the data you prepared in previous section.

Certainly, Geoserver can publish other vector formats like Shapefiles, Oracle Spatial tables, Geopackages. Please refer to Geoserver documentation in this link.

The following example shows the steps for publishing PostGIS data as map services using Geoserver.

After Adding workspace, you need to add a store in order to identify the source of data that will be published as shown below.

At this level, you need to insert database parameter so Geoserver can access is (Database name, port, username, and password)

Now, you can see PostGIS datasets you imported in the previous examples (Buildings, Parcels, and Urban Master Plan) in Geoserver

First, publish the buildings layer then Parcels, and the lastly the Urban Master Plan layer.

Now, click on any building feature in order to get its attribute data

Now, do the same with both Parcels and Urban Master Plan Layer

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