GeoGATE is a ready-to-use Web Mapping Application Builder dedicated to build complex Web GIS Applications with no coding or development skills.

GeoGATE is designed to deliver web mapping experience on top of well-known GIS software packages including:

  • Opensource products: QGIS Desktop + GeoServer
  • Commercial products: ArcGIS Desktop + ArcGIS Server

Thousands of development hours have been invested in building GeoGATE in order to respond to most of the needs required by any GIS user/admin.

What make GeoGATE totally different than any other web GIS application is its integrated manager that enables to build, configure, and customize your own web mapping application without coding using integrated tools for Adding layers and working with them, defining permissions and granting privileges for your users and roles, customizing application look and feel, integration with external databases, designing custom printing and reporting templates, and much more ready-to-use tools and features.